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CNG Compressors and Filling Stations

When it comes to purchasing and installing compressed natural gas equipment there is only one clear choice... Galileo CNG products. The Galileo CNG compressors, dispensers and cng equipment are specifically designed for the automotive industry. Clean Fuel Connection is the exclusive dealer for these products in the United States and been installing the Galileo Plug-In Play CNG systems across the country. Not only do we sell and install these amazing compressors, but we can help provide you the necessary steps in planning, licensing, construction, installation, use of products and beyond. Our experience is unmatched and Galileo CNG products are the most technologically advanced products available.

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Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicle Chargers are now at the forefront of alternative fuels and are quickly becoming the choice of vehicle for commuters all over the world. Clean Fuel Connection has been part of this developing market since the beginning and now has over 30 years' experience in the sales and installation of electric vehicle chargers. We welcome simple residential installations as well as commercial and city networked installations. Our expertise can help your project through every stage of the EV Charger process. This includes planning, grants, tax incentives, hardware and software, installation, network and power integration and use. Clean Fuel Connection is an exclusive distributor of Chargepoint electric vehicle chargers and we stock all the available models.

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Solar Panel Sales and Installation

With energy costs continually growing many businesses and home owners are making the switch solar panel energy sources. Going solar puts you directly in charge of your energy costs. Clean Fuel Connection has made a priority of partnering with the industry's highest quality solar panel and solar energy system manufacturers so that we can provide you with the best possible system for your project needs. Installing a renewable energy source for your business has its perks as well, with tax incentives, buy-back programs and environmentally conscious PR, solar is a win win for you, your customer and the planet. Solar has become a smart and simple energy management system.

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Alternative Energy Consulting

Our vast experience in alternative energy products and systems made consulting a natural decision for us. We are deeply rooted in helping protect the environment and bringing new technologies to the forefront of this mission. The only way these technologies have a chance is by educating everyone. This includes municipalities, states, manufacturers, utilities, consumers, law makers and more. We have hosted and been a part of many events that bring these people together as one for education in these alternative energy forums. We also consult on projects... bringing our experience to the table can get your project done quickly and precisely with less headaches. From planning to completion; CFC has you covered.

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Petersen Automotive Museum

Los Angeles, Calif. (April, 2013) The Petersen Automotive Museum is hosting its first public alternative fuels seminar titled "Why Alt Fuels Now" on April 18, 2013. The event will include a public Alternative Fuel Vehicle Showcase on-site from 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m which will highlight a variety of types of vehicles and alternative fuels. The day, which features a public symposium and an alternative fuel technology display, will explore the driving forces, such as high gasoline prices, increased consumer and corporate environmental awareness and the emergence of new technology that have created a "perfect storm" for alternative fuel vehicles.

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