March 22, 2011

Wireless Electric Car Charger

Google Testing Out Evatran’s Wireless Electric Car Charger

Google sure likes to incubate next-gen electric car tech. The search engine giant’s latest project was announced Monday morning and Google says it has installed a wireless electric car charger, developed by a company called Evatran, to charge up plug-in cars on its Mountain View, Calif. campus. The installation is the first public trial of Evatran’s wireless charging tech, which Evatran unveiled last Summer.

Evatran’s “Plugless Power” electric vehicle charger uses “proximity charging” technology to charge up electric vehicles. The Plugless Power unit works via the combination of a parking block installed on a garage floor or parking lot, a connected tower that detects if the car is charging (and also has a cord option), and finally a unit installed underneath the bottom of the car itself. The parking block and the device installed under the car wirelessly connect when the car drives over the block, and the battery starts charging.

Proximity charging like Evatran’s use magnetic induction, where two magnetic coils — one inside a charging pad and one inside a device — connect to allow a charge while the device is sitting on the pad (here’s 10 Things to Know About Wireless Charging). Cell phones, gadgets and laptops have been the focus of much of the innovation behind this technology, but increasingly automakers and plug-in vehicle charging companies have been working on the tech.

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