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Compressed Natural Gas Compressors and Dispensers

Compressed Natural Gas vehicles are becoming increasingly more popular in Arkansas. With the savings provided by CNG versus gasoline it’s no wonder. The compressors and dispensers of choice are Galileo CNG equipment because they are specifically designed for the automotive industry. Clean Fuel Connection is the exclusive distributor of Galileo CNG products in the United States and we have dealers in Arkansas ready to help you get your system up and running.

With compressors like the Microbox and with its low operating costs, performance and reliability it has become the compressor of choice for many of our clients. It can allow flows ranging from 300 Sm3/h to over 3,000 Sm3/h using only a single unit. The Microbox is a plug and play unit with no need for a surrounding bunker.

Clean Fuel Connection can help with permitting, planning, construction, compressors, dispensers, set-up and training. We have been leading the compressed natural gas market in the United States and specifically Arkansas for more than 5 years and we believe in the benefits of CNG vehicles.

If you are ready to make the switch from gasoline to cng; We are ready to help make your transition smooth and headache free while providing you the state of the art equipment and first class services.