CNG Compressors Iowa

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Compressed Natural Gas Compressors and Dispensers

Iowa is quickly becoming the biggest adopter of newer compressed natural gas technologies in the United States. Clean Fuel Connection has the highest quality and most technologically advanced CNG compressors and CNG dispensers available and ready to install. We have an exclusive line Galileo CNG products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of todays CNG automotive industry.

Our CNG compressors and CNG dispensors are not re-engineered from the natural gas machines used in homes or commercial spaces. Our plug and play systems like the Microbox and the Nanbox are the safest, quickest and quietest systems the market has to offer.

Clean Fuel Connection is the start to finish solution for CNG filling stations. From planning, through permitting and construction, all the way to the first filling, Clean Fuel Connection will help you every step of the way.