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Compressed Natural Gas Compressors and Dispensers

Minnesota is quickly making the change to natural gas vehicles and fleets of natural gas vehicles. This movement is no surprise to us and our involvement in the compressed natural gas market has helped perpetuate these transitions.

When it comes to natural gas filling and compression systems we have the best on the market. We are the exclusive distributor of Galileo CNG products in the United States and have dealers in Minnesota ready to serve you and all your CNG needs.

Galileo CNG systems have been engineered as a ground up system specifically designed to meet the needs of automobiles. Our compressors and dispensers are powerful, quiet and need a much smaller footprint than historically needed for a compressed natural gas station. These small differences make our products perfect for all situations.

Take the Galileo CNG Nanobox compressor for instance. Maximum flow-rates of 20 Nm3/minute are achieved, allowing for a normal vehicle refill in as little as 2 to 3 minutes. Nanobox regulates the refueling process with an intelligent system that permits flow-rates and ease of refill equal to that of large CNG filling stations. A daily volume of up to 3000 Nm3/ day is attainable.

If you are looking to impact the environment in a positive way and get the benefit of financial savings from your fleet; Galileo CNG Systems from Clean Fuel Connection are the right decision.