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CNG Solutions

Clean Fuel Connection is the National Dealer for Galileo CNG compressors and dispensors in the United States. Our sales and service reach through the entire state of Utah, which is quickly accepting CNG into there fleets. With such a growing need for an alternative to oil based fuels, Utah is in line to become one of the great examples for other states to follow on there way to compressed natural gas.

The Galileo CNG Microbox and Nanobox are our most popular CNG compressor and CNG dispenser solutions. These products, unlike other stateside products, where designed and engineered specifically for use in the automotive fueling industry. Our CNG products boast a high flow rate, are extremely quiet and most of all are built into an explosion proof cabinet. We carry more than just the Galileo CNG's Microbox and Nanobox, we stock the full line of compressors and dispensers to get you what you need quickly.

We understand that there is alot more to a filling station than just the equipment... Thats why it's so important that you choose Clean Fuel Connection for your project over our competitors. CFC can help you throughout the entire process, from planning and development through permitting and breaking ground, all the way to installation of your new CNG compressor unit. We will also program and train your crew to be pro's with the equipment.