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Plug and Play CNG Compressors and Dispensers

Our compressed natural gas systems are smaller and quiter than the systems normally found in the United States. This is because we are the premier dealer of Galileo CNG products in the US. These cng compressors and dispensers may be a smaller footprint, but they pack a bigger punch with more inlet pressure, less noise and exposion proof cabinets all in a system specifically designed for automotive CNG solutions.

Take the Galileo CNG MIcrobox compressor for instance. This compressor is a plug and play unit that includes everything necisary for a correct, full, quick and safe CNG installation, not to mention it does not require a surrounding bunker. It's low operating costs, reliability and performance allow flows ranging from 300 Sm3/h to over 3,000 Sm3/h using only a single unit.

Whether you already have a CNG filling station that needs to be updated or you are contemplating a brand new CNG filling station Clean Fuel Connection can help you. Our dedication to the compressed natural gas industry shows in every aspect of our sales and service. We can help with everything; the right equipment, planning, permitting, contruction, set-up, and training. We cover the entire state of Washington!