Clean Fuel Connection, Inc.

Company Profile

The mission of Clean Fuel Connection, Inc. is to contribute to the improvement of air quality by supporting the commercialization of new alternative fuel and renewable energy technologies. Our company will strive to help customers adopt those technologies in ways that achieve their own economic and environmental goals. In achieving this mission, we will always meet the highest standards of ethical behavior and professionalism in our dealings with all customers, employees and vendors.

Clean Fuel Connection, Inc. (CFCI) was started in 1999 by two former employees of Edison International.

Over the past 5 years, CFCI has worked closely with the major automakers to provide infrastructure for zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). CFCI has sold more than 2,000 EV chargers. Our vehicle charging installations have included any environmentally conscious homes and businesses. In addition CFCI has helped local jurisdictions and businesses support clean air by installing public charging at hundreds of rail stations, shopping malls, entertainment venues and big box retail stores.

In addition to its focus on charging infrastructure for passenger vehicles, CFCI has successfully supported a wide range of clean vehicle options such as hybrid-electric buses, forklifts, refrigerated trucks and airport ground support equipment. Recently we expanded our expertise to include infrastructure support for natural gas-powered vehicles. As alternative fuel consultants, we have helped local governments evaluate and fund the acquisition of low-emission vehicles and infrastructure. Finally, we have participated in the development and analysis of many mobile source emissions regulations and incentive programs.

Major customers include automakers (GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan and Toyota), utilities (Southern California Edison, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, New York Power Authority, and The Gas Company), cities (Pasadena, San Francisco, Vacaville, New York, Anaheim), airports (Burbank, LAX, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose), as well as major retailers (Costco). For specific project experience look under Products, Installations or Consulting.


CFCI is fully qualified to provide engineering and construction services. In addition to in-house electrical engineering and computer aided design (CAD) capabilities, our company holds A, B and C construction licenses in the State of California. All solar and charging equipment installations are performed by our own network of experienced, licensed electrical contractors. Equipment is backed by manufacturers, warranties and our work is backed by our own 3 year installation warranty.

In the past 8 years, CFCI,s technical knowledge and proactive communication style has helped smooth the way for charging installations. We are now working with local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and gas utilities to create a process for installation of CNG home refueling. As technology advances and hydrogen fueling becomes more commonplace, CFCI,s existing local government relationships and technical expertise will again help smoothe the transition to cleaner transportation alternatives.

While the majority of our work currently takes place in California, we continue to implement projects in other environmentally conscious states, including Massachusetts, Arizona, Colorado and New York.