Clean Fuel Connection, Inc.

For the past 10 years Clean Fuel Connection (CFCI) has been helping people reduce their carbon footprint by:

EV Charging

Clean Fuel Connection is proud to be the exclusive California distributor of ChargePoint™ the new smart charger by Coulomb Technologies. ChargePoint™ is being installed by cities and businesses all across the county. The most advanced charging network system available today, ChargePoint™ is designed to meet the needs of drivers, host sites and serving utilities.


With strategically placed public charging stations, the zero emission range of your battery-powered or extended range hybrid vehicle is limitless. Plug-in at work, at the movies, at the supermarket or at home to maximize your carbon free mileage. Run your vehicle on sunshine by plugging in under a solar-powered canopy. The ChargePoint system is designed to offer slow (110v) charging or faster charging (208/240v) for all types of plug-in vehicles. Click here to sign up for the ChargePoint™ network and receive your free charger access card. Basic access to the network is free for 2009. Click here to learn more about the ChargePoint network or visit

Host Sites

Hosts Sites are the green, forward-thinking businesses who sponsor ChargePoint™ chargers. They can be located anywhere that drivers want to stop for 15 minutes or more like restaurants, malls, movie theaters, gyms, workplaces, etc. In addition to showing your concern for the environment, your ChargePoint™ stations will generate revenue as growing numbers of EV drivers stop to charge. Email us at to find out how you can get a ChargePoint™ station installed. In 2009 tax incentives and rebates may reduce the cost of the charging station by 70% or more.


The ChargePoint™ network offers drivers a “grid-friendly” option. In return for allowing utilities to temporarily interrupt charging during an energy emergency, drivers receive a reduced monthly rate. ChargePoint also offers a special portal that allows utilities to monitor system charging demand.

Solar Canopy

Run your car on sunshine! Add solar photovoltaics to your house or business or install a solar chargeport in your parking lot. Contact to learn more.