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ChargePoint Network Support Services

take care of EV charging operations and deliver EV charging for you - hassle free. The Network Support Services ensure your charging stations remain healthy, that you are assisted by friendly support representative when needed, and any revenues collected from your charging stations are automatically transferred to your bank account.

The ChargePoint Network Standard Service combines Coulomb Technologies software applications and network support services so that you can quickly and easily connect your charging stations to the network and maximize the full benefits of your charging system.

By connecting your ChargePoint Charging Stations to the network with the network standard Service, you activate your charging stations to:

  • Generate revenue
  • Provide 24/7 driver assistance
  • Be highly reliable with low maintenance effort
  • Eliminate energy theft and enhance safety
  • Control electricity costs and optimize your return on investment
  • Measure the success of your green initiatives
  • Use utility pricing incentives and Smart Grid connectivity

The Network Standard Service Includes:

Software/Operation Service Features
Network Operation Service
  • 24/7 Network management with included data communication fees.
  • System operation archiving and back-up.
  • OTA charging station software updates.
  • Software application updates.
  • Station health monitoring.
Driver Telephone Support Service
  • Support telephone number on charging station.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Courteous, knowledgeable customer support representatives.
Station Manager Software Application
  • Courteous, knowledgeable customer support representatives.
  • Advertisement control: Configure advertisements to scroll on the station’s display.
  • Usage reports: View graphical or tabular usage reports, with CSV export, for all stations or individual stations. Filter the report to include only the desired dates and stations.
  • Inventory reports: View tabular inventory reports (serial number, model, warranty certificate), with CSV export. Filter the report to include only the desired dates and stations.
  • Real-time station location and status: View station locations on map with their real-time occupancy status.
Flex Billing Manager Software Application
  • User/Group-Specific Pricing: Configure one price for everyone, or choose to exempt certain users (e.g., your fleet vehicles, your employees) from usage fees or provide discounts for certain users (e.g., loyalty discounts).
  • Time/Day-Specific Pricing: Configure one price for all times and days, or choose to vary pricing as a function of Time of Day or Day of Week (weekday, weekend, Holiday).
  • Reports: Revenue.
Flex Billing Service
  • Fund transfer: Station users are automatically billed. Funds are transferred to station owner’s account.
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Driving on sunshine. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But with SunPower solar panels from Clean Fuel Connection, and a Coulomb EV charger in your garage it can be a reality. Is your commute too long for a battery powered vehicle? Or are you a transit agency or waste hauler using compressed natural gas. No problem, fill up your tank at our newest Galileo CNG fueling station. Or do you just need help figuring out which low emission technologies best meet your business or agency needs? Or having trouble sorting out all the confusing tax credits, incentives and grants? Whatever your clean energy need or interest, Clean Fuel Connection can help you find and implement a solution With our expert feasibility analysis, project development, project funding and turnkey installation, we are the one-stop-shop for greening your home or business.

Electric Vehicle Suppy Equipment (EVSE) for the newest plug-in vehicles

Clean Fuel Connection is proud to be the exclusive California distributor of ChargePoint™ the new smart charger by Coulomb Technologies. ChargePoint™ is being installed by cities and businesses all across the county. The most advanced charging network system available today, ChargePoint™ is designed to meet the needs of drivers, host sites and serving utilities.

Fast Fill Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations

CNG is undoubtedly one of the fuels of the future. We've heard a lot about unpolluted energies, but few of them useful in a massive way. Meanwhile, pollution has reached unbearable levels. CNG combines experience, low costs, low contamination, availability, and can be used in a wide range of possibilities.

Renewable Photovoltaic Systems that use the clean, abundant power of the sun

Clean Fuel Connection Inc. has the products and services required to install large-scale solar electric generation at any suitable site. We can develop, manufacturer, and install a complete system, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. No longer will you have to rely on your local electric power company for your electrical needs.

Clean Fuel Consulting

Introducing new clean fuel technologies requires lots of communication and coordination as manufacturers and customers alike adjust to new ways of operating. Our staff has many years experience in the clean energy and advanced transportation industries and has successfully implemented many clean air products and programs. With our complete array of consulting, design and construction services, we can prove to you that it's easy being green!