Alternative Energy Consulting

Clean Fuel Connection's is nationally recognized for its depth of knowledge in the fields of alternative fuels and electric vehicles. Organizations ranging from local governments and large international firms engage CFCI to evaluate project feasibility, develop solutions, write bid specifications, prepare grant proposals, perform engineering and design, organize conferences and workshops and write technical guidelines. The following is a sample of current and completed projects. To discuss your needs or obtain a quote contact Clean Fuel Connection, Inc. at 888 890-4638.

Clean Fuel Consultants

Lauren Dunlap

Is a licensed Mechanical Engineer who has worked in the field of mobile source emissions reductions (including incentive program implementation, emissions analysis and rulemaking, heavy-duty vehicle emissions testing, advanced technology vehicles systems design and environmental policy analysis and development) since 1986. Experience includes:

  • Analysis of all Carl Moyer funded projects funding years one through twelve for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, including program eligibility review and cost-effectiveness evaluation.
  • Complete audit of all Carl Moyer Program funded projects for funding years one through ten for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, including program eligibility review and cost-effectiveness evaluation.
  • Review and audit of Proposition 1B applications South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • Engineering analysis for mobile source emission reduction rulemaking efforts (CARB)
  • Analysis of the impact of alternative fuels on air quality (CARB)
  • Management of Advanced Technology Transit Bus program (LACMTA)
  • Management of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Testing Facility and Oil and Fuel Analysis Lab (LACMTA)
  • Technical and regulatory support to Natural Gas Vehicle Program (The Gas Company)
  • Environmental Policy Manager for Pacific Enterprises (parent company to The Gas Company) including development of corporate environmental positions, legislation analysis and support, and corporate sponsorship/donations program
  • Consulting for the SCAQMD, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles World Airports, The Gas Company, Southern California Edison. Electric Power Research Institute and other clients on emissions reduction programs and regulatory policy
  • Interim employee with the AQMD for 6-month assignment managing emission credit trading projects in accordance with Pilot Credit Trading Rules compliance
  • Lauren was appointed by the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles to the Port of Los Angeles' No Net Increase Air Quality Task Force

Mary Brazell

Has provided consulting services in the energy and environmental arena. Brazell's consulting has focused on:

  • Strategies to commercialize clean-fuel technologies;
  • Evaluations of new green technologies - including markets, benefits, competition, life-cycle costs and hurdles- leading to both private and public policy initiatives promoting technology introduction;
  • Gaining funding for corporations and public-private partnerships to support clean technologies.

In the mid 1990's, Ms. Brazell also served as Director of Business Development for Edison EV, a new Electric Vehicle (EV) charging company (founded by Edison International) to provide installation and charging equipment for GM's EV1 and other EVs.

Ms. Brazell's clients include the California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative, Edison International, DTE Energy, DUECO / Odyne, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), CALSTART, the City of Pasadena, Southern California Edison, Edison EV, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the Sanwa Research Institute of Japan, and other U. S. utilities and clean fuel coalitions.


Enid Joffe

Has worked on incentive program development and implementation, regulatory and policy analysis for zero and low-emission vehicles and infrastructure since 1993. Previous experience includes:

  • Capacity building to help communities prepare for Plug-in Electric Vehicles including studies of infrastructure installation costs (EPRI and Detroit Edison), implementation of three EV 101 workshops (SCAQMD), development of an EV Readiness program called Ready Set Charge! and development of collateral materials including guidelines for local jurisdictions.
  • Introduction of new Galileo CNG fast fill compressor to U.S. market including engineering, permitting and California Weights and Measures certification.
  • Introduction of new electric vehicle supply equipment in California including sales and installation Coulomb and Clipper Creek chargers
  • Consulting support for SPX, GM's Volt infrastructure partner
  • Management of the BMW MINI E electric vehicle demonstration program
  • Analysis of all Carl Moyer funded projects funding years one through ten for the South Coast Air Quality Management District, including program eligibility review and cost-effectiveness evaluation.
  • Review of State Implementation Plan, South Coast Air Quality Management Plan and CARB Emission Control Measures for various clients including the City of Los Angeles.
  • Feasibility Study of E-85 fueling for the City of Burbank.
  • Regulatory analysis for final stage manufacturer of plug-in heavy-duty hybrid electric utility trucks to determine certification procedures.
  • Technical support for introduction of FuelMaker home refueling unit (Honda and FuelMaker)
  • Analytical support for the development of incentive programs for electric vehicles and infrastructure
  • Photovoltaic Feasibility Study for Metropolitan Water District

Ann M. Hempelmann

has more than 15 years experience in the environmental and energy fields with Southern California Gas Company. She has extensive regulatory, technical and project management experience. Recent projects include tracking funding opportunities, identifying consulting resources needed to complete projects, and identifying testing requirements for EPA certification. Ann's experience includes:

  • Consulting work for Southern California Gas Company on tracking air quality grant opportunities and preparing grant requests
  • Analysis of federal stimulus funding opportunities and requirements for heavy duty hybrid utility truck manufacturer
  • Air Quality Regulation compliance analysis for the City of Burbank
  • Air Quality/emission reductions projects for Southern California Gas Company