• Product 1 CNG
    Microbox® is Galileo's original and exclusive line of "Plug-and-Play" CNG refueling stations. This enclosed, explosion proof module, saves major construction costs and delays,characteristic of other...
  • Product 2 CNG
    Nanobox© is Galileo's new Plug-and-Play CNG compressor-package, specifically designed for NGV fleets and medium sized CNG filling-stations. This equipment provides a convenient and attractive solution for...
  • Product 3 CNG
    Microskid® is a compact compression system is the recommended choice in those cases where regulations do not require explosion-proof bunkers, or when the existing installations have to be replaced...
  • Product 4 Virtual
    The technology of this system, called Virtual Pipeline®, is based on fully modular design concepts which allow for a quick, easy, and low investment installation, which in turn, allow a proportional growth....

Galileo versus the Other Guys

The Data

ITEM GALILEO Other Compressor Manufacturers
Safety Microbox designed to only run in safe mode, doors closed and locked No other model has these features
Safety Compress will only operate a brief time with door open and only after a password has been entered into the CPU No other model has these features
Fire Suppression On board fire extinguisher system monitored by PLC. If charge in fire extinguisher gets low, CPU shuts it down. No other model has these features
Fire Suppression Microbox has an on board heat sensor to trigger fire suppression system. CO2 used to minimize cleanup No other model has these features
Parts Availability Compressor manufacturer's recommended parts list stocked by U.S. trained service provider Parts not always stocked and may have long lead times
Delivery times Equipment Available 90 to 120 days Know of at least one situation where delivery is more than 52 weeks
Cabinet Explosion proof cabinet--video available showing how cabinet contains any explosion Cabinets are not explosion proof
Component Integration Components are designed as a package and integrated prior to deliver to the site Components come from different manufacturers and have to be integrated at the site
Installation Since compressor system is delivered as a complete package, construction time is reduced Compressor components must be individually installed and integrated lengthening construction time
Warranty If customer buys service package they receive an extended 5 year warranty including parts and service One year warranty, no service
Enersave "Smart" Enersave system learns daily compressor duty cycle and adjusts run time of compressor to minimize energy use. Power savings estimated at 30% Run time based solely on usage--no power saving feature.
Overhauls approximately 8000 hours Typically 5000 hours
Oil Change 2000 hours 2000 hours
Oil Collection Oil is removed during each stage of compression and stored in a vessel which is not pressurized so that oil can be removed as a liquid. Oil storage vessel is pressurized releasing vaporized oil when it is opened.
Ball Valves Special Galileo designed ball valves with longer life--outlast Hoke and Swedgelock Hoke and Swedgelock
Force Feed lubrication system Over pressuring is self resetting--no service call required Over pressuring uses a burst disk which requires a service call to replace
Force feed flow sensor Special Sensor monitors cyclinder lubrication flow; uses same lubricant as in the crankcase No monitor
Interstage water removal system Unique interstage water removal system removes water at each stage of compression; Can be used in conjunction with suction side dryer--will protect compressor when suction side dryer is in bypass mode for regeneration. Suction side dryer only
Parts interchangeability Parts on compressor are interchangable; e.g. cylinders can be exchanged between low and high side Parts are not interchangeable
Replaceable sleeves for cyclinders Replaceable sleeve elmininates re-sleeving cylindar Have to remove cylinder and take it to a third party to be resleeved
Cooling Air Sensor Sensor monitors inlet cooling air to ensure that there is sufficient air flow. Minimizes downtime by controlling heat. Units are air-cooled but no sensor monitoring air flow
Dispenser Dispenser can be configured to include air hose and water No other model has these features
Optional Final Discharge Gas Cooling Gas at final discharge pressure is cooled to 15 degrees below ambient temperature; ensures full fill No other model has these features
Optional Recapture of Evaporative Emissions Optional feature to recapture evaporative emissions No other model has these features
Oil Filters Standard oil filter Standard oil filter
Oil Lexon windows placed in crankcase and crosshead to view lube cycles No other model has these features
Oil Oil in crankcase monitored by temperature sensor. If temp is too high, valve opens and oil flows to a heat exhanger to lower the temperature to acceptable levels No other model has these features
Air Flow Microbox is programmed do a complete air changeout every 10 minutes. Rear cooling fan comes on for ten seconds every hour No other model has these features
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