CHARGEPOINT, EV Charging Stations

ChargePoint Charging Stations deliver controlled power to effectively and efficiently charge electric vehicles (EV). The charging stations are easy to use and come in a variety of power and design options that integrate pleasant aesthetics, practical ergonomics and sturdy construction - ideal for home and for outdoor public applications.

Chargepoint Electric Vehicle Chargers

Each station is embedded with an on-board computer, a fluorescent display, a standards based RFID reader, and a utility-grade meter providing precise, bi-directional energy measurement.

All stations are network-enabled, capable of reporting energy usage and communicating over the network with Software Application Services and Network Support Services to activate capabilities such as:

  • Providing open access for all drivers using any standards based RFID card.
  • Generating revenue to offset electricity, capitol equipment and maintenance costs.
  • Sending SMS or Email notifications to the driver for charging complete or interruptions in charging.
  • Controlling access to eliminate energy theft and to enhance safety.
  • Integrating with the utility Smart Grid for demand side management and preferred pricing.
  • Remotely receiving software OTA upgrades to accommodate advancements in future EV charging technologies.

take care of EV charging operations and deliver EV charging for you - hassle free. The Network Support Services ensure your charging stations remain healthy, that you are assisted by friendly support representative when needed, and any revenues collected from your charging stations are automatically transferred to your bank account.

The ChargePoint Network Standard Service combines Coulomb Technologies software applications and network support services so that you can quickly and easily connect your charging stations to the network and maximize the full benefits of your charging system.

By connecting your ChargePoint Charging Stations to the network with the network standard Service, you activate your charging stations to:

  • Generate revenue
  • Provide 24/7 driver assistance
  • Be highly reliable with low maintenance effort
  • Eliminate energy theft and enhance safety
  • Control electricity costs and optimize your return on investment
  • Measure the success of your green initiatives
  • Use utility pricing incentives and Smart Grid connectivity

Charging Station Selector Guide

Model Application Level Power Connector Mounting Options Region
CT500 Residential Level 2 208-240V/30A SAE J1772TM Wall North America
CT4000 Commercial Dual Output Level 2 208/240VAC
60Hz single phase @ 32A
SAE J1772™ Wall, Bollard North America
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