Now, LNG can drive your projects.The Cryobox Nano LNG-Station makes it happen.
Galileo Cryobox vessel in ocean

The LNG produced by the CRYOBOX Nano Station will supply the fuel for your company, be it a heavy transport venture, a mining enterprise, an industry located in a remote region or a community far removed from a gas pipe-line. Neither technological limitations nor large investment capital requirements will prevent you from using low CO2 emission LNG in place of diesel or fuel oil. Cryobox will allow you to become your own producer of LNG, meeting all environmental requirements even in the fuel-production and storage phase.

Cryobox has an adjustable production capacity with a maximum of 7000 gpd (gallons per day). The high-pressure, thermodynamic cycle of the Cryobox converts natural gas to the liquid state as temperatures are reduced to less than minus 307°F below zero. This multi-stage compression process includes a "boil-off" recovery system which eliminates all gas-venting usually associated with LNG storage and loading facilities. This process avoids gas waste while complying with all safety and ecologic regulations.

Galileo Cryobox technical drawing

Clean transportation that carries you further.

While Cryobox turns LNG into an available and financially convenient source of clean fuel, there are even more benefits. Compared with any other Diesel substitute, LNG has superior energy density. This means that a given tank of this fuel will carry you further. For this reason LNG is the most appropriate and cleanest fuel for heavy, long-distance transport such as heavy trucks, buses, ships, barges, ferries and railroad locomotives, especially when long distances need to be covered and refueling opportunities are scarce.

Be a pioneer, not simply an early adopter

Cryobox packages all the capabilities of a large scale LNG plant into one compact and transportable module which shares the off-the-shelf components and main features of Galileo's compressor packages, namely: modularity, low weight, economies in transport and ease of installation. You can be a leader in the LNG revolution by implementing the widely proven technology of Galileo.

"Plug & play" and enjoy the benefits of LNG

Since no additional construction—such as perimeter containment walls are necessary, Cryobox can be hauled anywhere by a simple trailer for immediate connection and start-up. Due to its packaged configuration, Cryobox can be placed in a fuel-station and connected to the natural gas distribution line. It can also be installed right at the well-head of a distant oil & gas field. In this latter location, Cryobox creates an additional environmental benefit by converting contaminating vented gas into a high value added liquid fuel. This has the economic advantage of exploiting a waste-product, which, for lack of a pipeline infrastructure would remain unproductive.

LNG can become part of life and business

When natural gas demand does not justify the investment in a conventional pipeline, Cryobox is the best compliment to Galileo's Virtual Pipeline, supplying gas by highway to mines, remote industries and isolated communities up to 250 miles away or more. This is possible because the Virtual Pipeline can optimize truck capacity and transport costs based on LNG having a vastly lower weight to energy ratio than CNG. This allows LNG to have large economies of scale for long distance travel.

As an additional bonus, you get CNG for your urban mobility.

The Cryobox has the capacity to supply up to 2000 Nm3/hr (560 GGE/h) of CNG according to demand and before the production of LNG for your own local fleet of vehicles, or to refuel other urban vehicles. This insures full utilization of the Cryobox and constitutes a supplementary source of income for the business. This additional benefit can be obtained without the installation of additional components.

Join the LNG revolution with Galileos Cryobox

More Key Features

  • Scalability: installation can grow according to demand changes.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • Remote monitoring through Global SCADA Galileo control platform.
  • Minimal storage.
  • Intrinsic safety.
  • Minimal noise and vibrations.
  • Apt for overhead installation.
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